Washi Tape 3mm Gold Foil

Washi Tape 3mm Gold Foil

Gold foil, also known as foil compression process, and paper tape printing is a special process.After designing the pattern and selecting the color number of the foil embossing paper, the corresponding pattern on the foil embossing paper is transferred to the paper surface to form a special embossing design effect by using the principle of hot press transfer

Product Details

Goil foil washi tape

Many people are not strange to the application of tape, almost all walks of life are used.There is such a tape, it has a lot of fans, it can be used to do hand accounts.Love tape deck hand accounts, for all kinds of tape must be reluctant to put down.The person that likes to make hand account with adhesive tape knows, what our daily hand account collocation USES and paper adhesive tape basically have 3 kinds: the plain color money that spot color machine prints, the color money that four-color machine prints, UV mechanism makes special ink money, in addition in recent years added a favorite again -- hot stamping/foil presses money.Today we'll take you closer to the bronzing tape.

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Washi tape is used at normal temperature and applicable in building decoration, painting and color separation covering. It is always used for covering adhesion purpose in electronic field, plastic filed, metal and glass product field etc.


Base material:

Masking paper/Rice paper/Washi paper

Adhesive Series:

Acrylic Waterbased




Test Standard

Paper thickness



GB/T 7125-1999

Glue thickness



GB/T 7125-1999

Total thickness

Ball no.


GB/T 4852-2002

Initial tack (Ball test)



GB/T 2792-1998

180°peel adhesion(to stainless steel)



GB/T 4851-1998

Holding power (to stainless steel)



GB/T 7753-1987

Tensile strength



GB/T 7753-1987

Elongation at break


Product Sizes:                                           Quality guarantee period:20months

(1)  Jumbo roll size:

560mm(usableL540mm) x 2000M

(2)  Cut size

As per customer requirements

  1. What is your MOQ?

Stock patterns:  MOQ of per pattern is 20 rolls, and total is at least 720 rolls.

Customize: For your trial order, MOQ of per pattern is 1000 rolls. Size will be 15mm x 10meters normally, if you want other size, please feel free to contact us.


2. For stock product, what is the SAMPLE fee?

We are willing to supply free samples of tapes. The freight is paid by the buyer.


3. For OEM order, what is the SAMPLE fee?

Sampling cost ( based on 15mm X 10m ) :

1~3 colors: US$100 per design, refundable when quantity reach 10000 rolls

4 colors: US$150 per design, refundable when quantity reach 20000 rolls

5~6 colors: US$200 per design, refundable when quantity reach 27000 rolls



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