Small Size Washi Tape

Small Size Washi Tape

Small size Washi Tape

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Small size Washi Tape

  A very good-looking adhesive paper post, all kinds of beautiful small patterns appear very interesting, can tear without leaving the adhesive tape marks.Give oneself beloved hand account book a stick can appear whole hand account book is full of vigor, it is drab no longer without the hand account book of flavour

washi masking tape

    Paper tape compared to ordinary tape, the surface of the paper.Usually the viscosity is not strong, so the advantage is that there will be no residual glue after tearing.Now paper tape is generally made of a variety of designs and colors, so it is widely used in pasting paper, beautification, layout and other purposes.

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Quantity(Roll)1 - 500501 - 40004001 - 20000>20000
Est. Time(day)259To be negotiated

Small size Washi Tape

Small size Washi Tape

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For the material, we cooperate to the famous material suppliers for many years,we have a testing system to check the material quality as they would be entered to our warehouse each time.




Small size Washi Tape

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