Rainow Masking Tape

Rainow Masking Tape

Rainow masking tape colorful as want as you like

Product Details

Product Details

Rainow masking tape colorful as want as you like

washi tape

Paper tape compared to ordinary tape, the surface of the paper.Usually the viscosity is not strong, so the advantage is that there will be no residual glue after tearing.Now paper tape is generally made of a variety of designs and colors, so it is widely used in pasting paper, beautification, layout and other purposes

113C (1)

Main Application

1) Normal temperature and applicable in building decoration

2) Scrapping

3) Art work decoration

4) DIY decoration 

10 years printing experience for CMYK and special colour base on international Pantone code and PMS code.

washi tape machine

Qiancheng adhere strictly to quality and responsibility, and we keep 20 years for old and new customers, we promise on date of delivery,quality and warranty.


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