What Kind Of Pattern Can The Transparent Paper Tape Become

Date:Sep 27, 2018

1. Because the surface of the transparent tape is a film, it can be waterproof. When we drop the liquid, we can drop it from the corner so that it can enter from the gap.

2, after about 10 seconds, we can find that the adhesive began to gain weight, and began to lose his sticky, in addition, some corners began to tilt up. At this time we can tear a small corner directly and then drop it. This will give full access to the glue inside.

3. The liquid will be dripped again, because the tape needs to be dropped one level at a time. If conditions permit, it may be operated from top to bottom. This saves time. Then the entire tape is completely torn off.

4, the remaining glue, you can drop the liquid again, and then wipe it off with a paper towel. Because of the length of time, you can wait for about 5 seconds, then wipe it.

5. If some places are not clean enough, you can drop a little more and do the final treatment. After wiping off the glue, you can find that there is no damage to the wooden floor, very clean.