What Is The Use Of Printing And Paper Tape

Date:Sep 27, 2018

Uses: It can be used at room temperature. It is suitable for civil commercial building decoration, painting, painting, color separation and painting. It can also be used for fixed sealing, shielding and protection of electronics and automobile industry without temperature-resistant working conditions. Spraying place.

Second, the characteristics:

1) Good adhesion

2) Good flexibility

3) Residual glue

4) 6 colors can be printed, and the width can be customized according to customer requirements.

Third, the paper tape contains Japanese unique technology special pulp and paste components, using imported and paper as the substrate, coated with three components of oily pressure sensitive adhesive, and is baked at high temperature. It is an ideal thin type that is rare in China. The tape is super soft, easy to tear, easy to write, easy to stick and easy to expose, and will not leave unsightly rubber marks, rich in color, suitable for gift occasion advertising, festivals, birthdays, weddings, awards commemorative, trade fairs, anniversary Celebration notes, memo stickers, labels, diary decorations, photo stickers.