And The Correct Use Of Paper Tape

Date:Sep 27, 2018

Magical 1: Schedule planning / memo stickers, and paper tape can be written and repeatedly pasted, you can take advantage of this feature to do the schedule planning, make your daily arrangements clear and fun at the same time, after a period of time to collect, boring days Just look at the past, this is the silver.

Magic 2: DIY wallpaper/photo frame, still complaining that the walls at home are too monotonous? Tape can play any pattern, tear it off when you don't like it, you can also stick your favorite photos on the wall, stick a photo frame with stickers, let the children come and do it.

Magical use 3: gift wrapping, direct gift giving is embarrassing to take out? Then pack it, a variety of tapes, how to pack how to pack, maybe you can also play some surprises, write a line or two on the tape, looking forward to his or her accidental discovery.

Magical use 4: Add icing on the cake, anything in the family, as long as you like, you can repackage it, give your family a surprise, and add a lot of fun to life.

Magical use 5: label stickers, some things can not be found, stupid and unclear, in order to avoid similar situations happen again, mark, mother no longer have to worry about my amnesia.