Use of masking tape

Date:Sep 28, 2018

Application of masking tape: for capacitor electronic components, for ribbon packaging. Used in combination with kraft paper strips; suitable for use in the blasting of paints or other common paints; the electroplated parts used for precision plating are not covered by electroplated parts; the high temperature can reach 280 degrees and the medium temperature reaches 80-130 degrees. Spraying, painting, plating shielding, circuit board (PCB) processing, electrical product insulation, transformers, coils, etc. High temperature resistance, high insulation, easy to tear, no residue.

What are the characteristics of the masking tape.

Feature 1: Masking tape is provided by a special curing adhesive that has excellent resistance to dissolution and high temperature and does not leave any marks on the surface of the article after use.

Feature 2: Although the texture tape itself is hard, we can bend the tape arbitrarily during use without being broken.

Feature 3: It is convenient for us to use. When we leave enough tape length, we don't need scissors or blades, just need to use a hand to tear it off.

Feature 4: Fast bonding speed. When we use the masking tape, we pull the tape apart and we will find that the inner surface of the tape is not sticky at all, but it sticks to it when it comes into contact with the object. It avoids damage to our hands during construction.