The magical effect of masking tape

Date:Sep 28, 2018

Sticky hair: The hair on the floor and carpet is too suspicion, the pinch can't afford it, the sweep is inexhaustible, and it doesn't go away. Why do family members have hundreds of blue silk metabolism every day, what should I do? Stick! Find a roll width The tape, after running out of the cut, the dust on the ground with the use of the ground is gone. Hey, if you want to be clean, it’s that simple! Replace the strapping tape to make a tying rope? Of course. Especially in the age when the ropes are scarce. Tape can be used not only to seal, but also to become a rope, to seal up and down a few times, and then reserve a portable position (remember that this position can also be wrapped around with a few tapes to disperse the force and reduce The burden of the hand) Don't worry about the weight of the load, take a few turns!

Do the ropes and heavy objects, hand pain? Fear of foaming? With tape, wrap a few laps on the backpack that needs to be smashed, and the hands are so free. Correction of the correction fluid contains toxic chemical components? What method is used to correct the error, use the rubber? Or stick it with tape, non-toxic and harmless, the children know. The used parts were also folded into stars by them, which is really clever.

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